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Manufacturer of jeans, casual pants and corduroy. EJeansFit is a customized line created exclusively for each customer, targeting your key markets, key price points and deliveries. Our company offers you the opportunity if having your own label and your own exclusive look. EJeansFit offers you a great design and marketing team ready to help you create your own co-ordinated line in a fantastic variety of designs, textiles, colours and washes.

We specialize in jeans,casual pants and jackets, in a wide assortment of fabrics; focusing on denim,twills yarn dyed fabrics,corduroys colored

and over dyed denim.  ejeansfit creates and customizes exclusive

lines for private label wear.

We offer such services as computerized designs and a marketing team ready to

assist you in creating a co-ordinated line or collection in a variety of designs, fabrics,colors

and washes at a competitive price!

Our business is two fold whereas besides private label, we manufacture our own brand

names. . We Cater to over 750 retail outlets accross Canada.

I hope this brief introduction has given you a  better insight of our company:ejeansfit
We look forward to helping you in any way possible and we are excited at the possible

prospect of meeting with you, should you wish take advantage of all our resources.

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